I am always looking to add to my collection.  This holiday season was no exception and a local shop near by has been a nice new hunting ground.  I have been trying to get over the sick and I needed to get out of the house for just a little bit.  Entertainment Mart was the site of the hunt.  Let me explain why this was a good hunting ground and what you can look for when you are on the hunt.  When entering Entertainment Mart there was a large amount of neon lights and movie posters for Karate Kid 3 and RoboCop….this is a huge plus and the kind of signs to be on the look out for.  These are the kind of things I saw as a kid in the VHS store trying to find ninja and action man movies.

Check out Entertainment Mart here Entertainment Mart Hunting

On to the catch of the day

I was a little upset that I was not finding what I was looking for and it was at that point that I had given up I found what I was looking for.

This one took my breathe away on first look and was added to the pile

Here is all you need to know: Monster Trucks, Killer and college kids driving cross country.  It is like adding hot dog bits into a box of mac and cheese.

The other two are a bit of a gamble and might be more of a bust but worth the shot for 2.99 a pop.  I did find youtube videos but didn’t find them worth posting.

I hope to add reviews later once these are viewed and get a proper report.  Until then…..happy hunting


Turns out that one of the films I picked up last night might be a blue chip movie.  A blue chip by definition is “a certain type of security” or “the highest denomination chips in poker games” and “collegiate athletes who are targeted by professional sports teams” so what I am getting at is we might have a possible diamond in the rough.

The film is The Monster Hunter starring the late great David Carradine.  I am finding some reviews that say it was awful and made it’s way to Showtime cable in early 2003.  This are all good signs for a bad movie with high value.  I still can’t find a good video clip but all reports have lots of gore and over the top kind of action.  More to come…