I love B-movies because they remind me of high school days and a time before the internet and DVD.  There was something about the hunt for the ultimate weekend movie at the local video store.  I was the kid who fell for the kick ass cover and expected the movie to be as good as the cover art.  I loved VHS and I still do.  While growing up I watched a little bit of Joe Bob Briggs when the parents were not around or paying attention.  He is partly responsible for why I watch those B-movies and have this site.

After spending most of Saturday at the Dallas Comic Con, I passed by the Texas Frightmare Weekend table to pick up some flyers to hand out at work.  Turns out one of the Noel Gross with the TFW has a site of his own that also helps the cause of letting the world know about B-movies.  You can check it out here CineSchlock-O-Rama

It is nice to know the love for this genre does not go unnoticed and I will use these guys as a source of inspiration.

I hope to do a write up for Black Devil Doll soon as it appears some Fancy Bastards watched it over the weekend.  I’d like to get their take on what they thought.  Until then…