I have never seen the movie Supercross but I can safely say that after watching Motocross Zombies from Hell, Supercross would look like an Academy Award Winning Movie in comparison.  This is a classic example of a dvd cover and title LOOKING way better than what the content on the dvd would end up being.  ZombieNation took two shuffles back with this movie.


So our hero Cody works with friend Tom at some…um…job.  I say “some job” because that isn’t made very clear.  What is also not clear is when some girl shows up that turns out to be Cody’s girlfriend Lori.  After that I’m not sure what was happening.  The three went out for a weekend tournament and that was pretty much it…I’m not kidding.  Not much really happened.

not sure what this was

There is a 5 minute food fight that really didn’t lead to much.  You’d even expect a little softcore porn or something to come out of this but we didn’t even get that!!

the gang

This movie reminded me of those times in high school when you were told you would have to write a report on something you didn’t want to really write about.  You use the formula to put your materials in but you are basically just spinning your wheels until it was done and this movie was exactly that.  I mean the so-called “Zombies”, which are just guys dressed up in motocross gear, don’t do anything in the movie until 45 minutes in and they ARE NOT ZOMBIES!!!  I mean this guy would show up every now and then…

so called zombies

They are apart of Team Skullz who is racing against Cody.  At the 55 minute mark a real zombie shows up and is shot by the gang.  The best part of the movie was the dialog of that scene “You shot that guy and killed him…..something is not right here”.  I did get a good laugh when what appeared to be a long lost uncle of mine showed up in the movie finally without his head gear and goggles.  I was hoping for a single tear but alas that was not to be, but look at this guy….I’m not sure if he even knows why he is dressed up this way or why he is around people with cameras!!

this guy

Sadly this movie just didn’t have much of what was on the cover including motocross.  You’d have to hate yourself to watch this and I couldn’t recommend watching this unless you were really high on something because adult beverages will not help any at all.  In the young history of this blog we will set the bar for the low and give Motocross Zombies from Hell a 0 out of 5 tuxedo footballs.


So there has been a little swing in the department of movie that make fun of bad movies.  There have been some really good ones such as Black Dynamite.  Recently I came across one from a friend at work.  When doing a little research on it I found out that one of the stars of Chupacabra Terror is in this movie.  Chelan Simmons is in Tucker & Dale vs. Evil along with our hero and yours, Mr. Alan Tudyk!!  I look forward to seeing this when it comes out.  Check out the trailer for Tucker & Dale vs. Evil!!