So it has been some time since I have had an update but a lot has been going on…in a good way but not so great for the site.  Since the last post work has been hella busy.  At times I wish I could make watching shitty movies my job but alas.  Probably the biggest thing is the fact that I am engaged to a wonderful and beautiful woman.  We are super excited and working on planning for the big day.  With work as crazy as it has been we spend little time together but we are hoping things will slow down and the quest for movies as good at The Room will continue.

We did get to attend Texas Frightmare Weekend two weekends ago and has a blast.  Huge props to the Frightmare guys for putting on a world class show.  While we were there we did watch a midnight screening of The Uh-Oh Show which was a gore de force.

Well the piles are getting bigger here at mission control but the resolve is not complete.  Remember gang to post if you have suggestions for movies or something you’d like to show with the group.