So as a few of you might know I am in the comic strip Hijinks Ensue and although we have not done it in a long time, I also do the Hijinks Ensue Podcast with creator Joel Watson.

In Episode 10 of the Podcast we talk about various things but the one topic that was brought up was the movie Undefeatable. This is entry is about the history of that movie.

So when we were going to get together for the Podcast I thought of an idea and what was really a social experiment.  The idea was to take one of my shitty movies and send it to a listener but after watching the movie it would need to be sent to the next person on the list.  I wanted to see how far this would travel and if it would make it back.  Honestly I did not expect the movies back.  The movies were some of the first watched as a collective group that watched bad movies on a regular basis.  Part of the catch was that the movie was a VHS tape.  I wanted to add to the experiment by seeing who would still have a VCR player to even watch this.  Well the list was created and the video was sent out.  Star Date: May 2008

Here is the thread on this whole experiment

Let’s talk a little bit about the movies shall we.  I won’t do a full review because it was about two years ago when I saw them.  The first one is Undefeatable which has what some call “worst fight scene ever filmed” which I would say “most AWESOME fight scene ever” but that’s just me.  The movie is an 80’s style action movie starring Cynthia Rothrock which was made in 1994.  Basically she’s a bad ass and some bad dude mess with her family and she kicks their asses in their ass.  I would post the video of the fight at the ending but honestly if you want to really enjoy the flick for a movie night save it until then.  It will be worth the wait!!
Robo Vampire was the other movie sent out. Again I won’t do a review this time around just because this was also about two years ago when we last saw it. Just have a look at the cover…doesn’t that tell you enough? Now sadly RoboCop is not in the movie and neither is that sweet gun he is holding. It was a fun flick because when you see how NOT close to looking like RoboCop they came you will laugh to tears. You will also see the zombies of the East and their stranger belief of how they look. Zombies that bunny hop…..that’s all you need to know.

So those movies went out about May of 2008.
So let’s turn our clock to present day. After being out at sea for a little over two years the movies have returned home to the mothership. The movies came back with some gifts as the last person felt bad for taking a little longer than expected to ship the movies out. We got the movies back with another movie that was added. There was also a few potato chips native to the Kansas City area some native to the Idaho area and a box full of fortune cookies!! We have decided to give the cookies out at every movie night until the box is done. It was a fun experiment and although it only went out to 3 other people, it’s good to have it back home. Who knows….maybe we’ll try it again on this site if there is a request for it :-)
I hope everyone is enjoying my blog entries and they are useful for getting friends together to have a laugh. I do this because it reminds me of being at my uncle’s house watching these types of movies. Just remember that when you walk into a video store probably 80% of the store is crap so have some fun with it!!