When Josh found out I was bringing over Grizzly Rage he was very upset to find out it was a shitty movie and not a gift for him to add to his personal collection.
Grizzly Rage (2007) (In Hindi)
No Grizzly Rage is not a film about a gay man rising up against the system so he can fight his oppression in the form of dance…..no this is a film about what happens when you fuck with mother nature and her soldiers of evil.

This flick seemed to be in the early years of what Sci-Fi and before they started making bad movies on purpose.  This is real gold because they were really trying to do something here.

Our story starts when some high school students decide to take a weekend trip for some camping to get away from the harsh rat race of Canada.  A few things they should have made note of that was going to cause problems.  For starters they are Canadian and everyone knows that….well they are Canadian.  Second, the guys on the trip are mostly douche bags and there is only one girl on the trip so the amount of douche to girl ratio is out of control and thus trouble can only come from it.  Third, well you should never hit the children of animals especially bears and bears that are exposed to toxic waste, Canadian toxic waste.  So when I bought this on Amazon it claims that the reason for the bear being crazy bitch was because it was exposed to toxic waste and thus Grizzly Rage but turns out that no, if you fuck with bears then you fucked up.  For me this was just fine because any chance to see a douche bag go up against bears will always be a win!!

So once they hit the road it doesn’t take long for the douche bag guy to make one huge mistake, hitting a baby bear and killing it.  This causes them to cause major damage to the truck and they are dead in the water.  With a radiator and holding on to dear life the gang seems to be pretty much screwed as now have a bear, toxic danger around them, the issues with being a young person growing up in Canada but most of all their hopes and dreams of winning a Stanley Cup possibly taken from them.

dead baby bear

So this is the part where the movie just goes on with montages and various points that have you asking “why don’t they just sit in the truck with the windows closed and wait it out”.  They actually got good distance as the vehicle was still working but who’s looking at the fine details.  At this point much like Remo Williams…our adventure begins.

What makes Grizzly Rage is how easy it is to riff on this movie.  As I’ve said many times I watch these flicks to find those that work well for having your b-movie night hangouts.  With a series of “we are gonna make it” montages, a bear that apparently has the speed of Jason Voorhees with the strength of Brock Lesnar this makes our movie a real winner in my books.

bear stand rage

The end is pretty awesome when it comes to “what the bullshit just happened” so enjoy as I give it 4 out of 5 tuxedo footballs