A Third World’s Bug Life

In the continued series of Maneater films, I picked up The Hive while at Texas Frightmare Weekend.  This is usually my quest at TFW to find some gold in the glory hole.  The Hive is not pure gold but a rare metal with lots of value.



The film start in some third world country which leads me to belive this was really a documentary that much have gone wrong at some point and turned into this comedy of errors.  Ants are destroying a small village and the world’s experts in ants come to take care of the situation.  They are Thorax and much like Bruce Willis in Armageddon….they are the only hope.



As far as wanting to riff on this movie it should be fairly easy to do with your friends.  From the visual effects to the dialog (but mostly the visual effects) it is very entertaining watching ants as an unstoppable force.


I could go into some depth about the story and plot but why would I do that?  Pretty much what you need to know is that aliends have somehow cross bred with ants and made super ants.  As I watched this a second time it’s a little like if A Bug’s Life crossed DNA with The Abyss.  This is due to an ant moment much like water moment in The Abyss and ants like…well like ants in Bug’s Life.

The Maneater movies like these were pretty fun to watch before SyFy really went overboard and kinda made it a bit dull over the last 3 years.  This was fun and easy to riff with friends and with that said I give The Hive 4 out of 5 tuxedo footballs.