Coming soon to a “insert Torrent/couch/laptop/TV” near you….

I have been wanting to do something like this for a little while now but am now just getting around to it.  New Year is approaching and my annual “Win, Lose or Draw” night is in the air.  Usually the year starts with a a few rounds of awesome inappropriate drawings and some shitty movies but we will see about this year.  Last year was a combo of Starship Troopers 3 and Jesus Christ Vampire Hunter.

If you are looking for something movies for your New Year’s part may I suggest the movie that inspires the name of this site.  The Room is a sure winner and will not disappoint.  If your local video store has it then it is a must.

Over the next week I hope to keep posting about past movies and future upcoming movies.  Until then “Lisa…you are tearing me apart!!!”

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  1. “Local Video Store”? Is there such a thing? Both the Blockbuster and the Hollywood Video stores in my town have shut down this winter.

  2. That sounds like a huge bummer. Is there a mom and pop shop in town? Something like a “I <3 Video" named place. There is always the internet. I have been trying to post some online stores that might help.