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Jigsaw is the movie we are looking at this time around.  Is it the origin story of the killer from the SAW movies, god I wish it was cause this terd could have used it.  Jigsaw was a flick I picked up at Movie Trading Company during their “sidewalk sale”.  So basically it was the shit they were hoping would get stolen if they put it in a box outside.


Jigsaw is a movie about a college school project gone wrong along with the plot.

So there is some kind of art class (honestly the don’t explain what kind of class or what the hell is going on but there are only 5 students in there and a bunch of gibberish on the chalkboard) and the “professor”.  His final project for the class is to take a piece of a mannequin and decorate it as they see fit and they will meet up and put it together….and that is it.  They are to use their feelings to decorate each piece like Luke going into the cave on Degoba.  Due to school being fumigated the class will meet up at a bar to have their final class.

The Line up

So some how this project brings out the deep dark inner workings of these students, you know like the shot gun that Tawny (Amiee Bravo) was suppose to kill herself with as a promise to her sister who DID finish the job!!  Everyone has their sob story which just bores you to death but if you are having some adult beverages while watching you can probably do some good riffing once they show up at the bar…

Class meets up for final project

Aimee Bravo

Basically the professor guy is a perv and he has girls in his class he’d like to bang and douche guys wanting to bang them as well.  They end up in a redneck bar and everyone is horny…thus the fun times ensue.

OH YEAH and I totally forgot that the whole idea of the movie is this “Jigsaw” piece of art that somehow comes to life.  There really isn’t much explanation on why he comes to life and sadly he doesn’t show up in the movie animated until the 45 minute mark and sadly there isn’t nearly enough GORE!!

taking a wiz

From first looks we really hoped for much more but Jigsaw fell pretty short for the most part but if you are looking for filler material you can use this for riffing but will require some funny friends on your end.  You have: Horny Professor, Tits McGee, Innocent Girl who falls for Horny Professor, Too Cool for School guy, Douche guy and single mom gun fautter….oh and Sneaky Pete!!

old bar man

Sadly Jigsaw didn’t hold up as well as we hoped.  Jigsaw get 3 out of 5 tuxedo footballs

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