Oh well shit here we go. I have had audio equipment that i used with the Hijinks Ensue Podcast and that I use for recording music from time to time that I needed to set up. It took finding some power supplies and such but it is up and running now so what is the first thing I do to test it? The YATMA (You Are Tearing Me Apart) podcast is what I do to test it of course.

This is the first episode and really I just explain what the hell I am doing with this blog and where the name You Are Tearing Me Apart come from.

It is all new and I am not use to doing this on my own so let’s see if it is as good as anything coming out of SyFy right now but leave comments and let me know what you think.

download here

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  1. Awesome, trying to download now. Can you put it on iTunes though?

  2. i will look into doing that soon. since i have only done one i thought i’d see where this would go

  3. updated the download link so hopefully that will work but iTunes to come

  4. i saw the dvd for Megapiranha in hmv today, it came with the tagline “from the studio that brought you megashark verses giant octopus.” as credit to its name, but it gets better, when i turned it round to read the blurb i was greeted with a picture of a piranha eating a helicopter out of the sky. it felt like an almost sacred moment.