It is very rare in a lifetime you will see something so glorious with your eyes. For some it is Halley’s Comet flying across the sky. Maybe it is seeing Walter Payton playing for the Chicago Bears or Jimi Hendrix live at Woodstock. For me I thought it was allowing my eyes and ears gaze upon The Room and I was sure that there would be nothing again in my lifetime to rival that……until today.

Today my friends I’ve some across something that is like for some seeing the trailer of the original Star Wars. What makes a great shitty movie? When you are trying to make something so serious that it is so bad that you just don’t know it. Much like a M. Night Shyamalan movie, this could possibly be the greatest shitty movie of all time.

Boys and girls…I give you

Who Killed Captain Alex….maybe the greatest action movie of all time

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  2. That trailer makes me want to be 10 years old again, growing up in the RGV with a video camera. LOVE IT!


  3. Here’s a mention of it posted just today in a Kenyan newspaper:


    I’m glad to see it’s building some steam outside of Uganda, because, I don’t know if I can live much longer without seeing this in its entirety. This trailer is like a hit of crack, and now that I’m hooked, I’m going insane waiting for a bigger fix. There’s a video store near me that specializes in African DVDs; I just may have to threaten to destroy the building with an RC helicopter until they get me a copy.

  4. Same here. If you find out a place that might carry it let us know!! going to their website just looks like a white van that is offering candy