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Spirit Camp is the attempt to cross breed Friday the 13th and Bring it On according to the cover.  It was an attempt for sure but sadly falls a little short but still a fun flick for those who enjoy campy movies that you would see at Texas Frightmare Weekend then you’ll enjoy it.  If you order from the main site you can get a free pair of autographed panties which I got with my copy.
spiritcampDVD cover

This is a classic camp horror movie of girls at a cheerleader camp and there is a killer.  That about sums it up if you are a fan of those movies.  So it will have girls in small outfits, boobies and blood.  Spirit Camp was made by Kerry Beyer from Houston and I support local film makers of the area since I’d love to be an extra in a b-movie some day :-)

Spirit Camp - Sarah McCulley

Spirit Camp starts with some boobs and blood right from the start and the babes make their appearance in the first 10 minutes.  From there it is the hardcore instructor who makes life hell for the girls.  The goth girl shows up because I think that she is forced there by the man?  She has a hard time getting along with the popular cheerleader but together with their power of cheer and boobs they are able to escape the killer of the camp.
Spirit Camp - Roxy Vandiver & Julin

I’m sure there is a drinking game in this but I was hoping for some more gore and a little more campy dialog that I think would have pushed it over the top.  Spirit Camp stars Roxy Vandiver and Julin.  I got to meet some of the cast at Frightmare Weekend this past year and they were nice folks so I support those who allow me to have something to write about.

Pick up Spirit Camp as I give it 3 out of 5 tuxedo footballs but if you come up with a drinking game for this one let me know!!

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  1. I know it’s been forever since an update (what with wedded bliss and all) but this caught my eye and I thought you’d enjoy it:

  2. Holy cow that looks awesome!! I will have to check that out for sure