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If you are here then you are here because like myself you love movies.  If you are still reading then you are here because you like movies that suck so hard they can almost be considered an art form.

My hope for this site is to bring you something from my childhood.  As a child growing up with VHS and Beta battling it out for supremacy of the home market, the video store was a place that became a holy place.  As the weekend approached it was all about that trip to the video store.  Without the internet or any quick way of checking some kind of rating system it was all about the cover of a VHS tape and the hope that it would somehow translate to a good movie.

I miss those times but now as a grown-up I enjoy bringing friends together every now and then to try and recapture those times.  Here you will find my followings of my reviews and stories about these movies.

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  1. Hi ___________
    My name is Matt Dorville and I’m the content manager for the MRQE Network of sites. Aggregating more film reviews than anyone on the internet, we like to view ourselves as the authority on movie reviews. We’re really a bunch of movie nerds that have turned our obsession into a site and through our draw to find more information about movies we’ve recently come across your site and we really enjoy the content and focus. We were wondering if you wouldn’t mind adding our MRQE Metric on some of the films you review (we totally understand that films like robocop vampire won’t have a score but maybe for movies like Jennifer’s Body it would be good). We believe that our metric, beyond any doubt, shows the definitive gauge on what the critics, from the web and print, say is the best film to watch for any given weekend and we highlight it on Variety, Turner Classic Movies and Entertainment Weekly’s website. Thanks!
    Matt Dorville
    Follow us on twitter at @MRQE

  2. Sorry that’s the template hi that I should have put your name to. I couldn’t find it on the site though so I left it blank by mistake. Please fill in the blank with whoever does the review. Thanks. :)

  3. My name is Eli and I do all the reviews unless I have someone do one. I would not mind using this but a lot of my reviews are on movies that are bad which I rate high because they are bad and fun to watch. I guess on non-bad movies I won’t mind. I’d have to ask how the service works and how it needs to be set up. You can send me an email at elivorio@gmail.com