Picked up a few flicks to add to the collection.  A few new ones to me and one old friend.  Movie Trading Company is a gold mine at times and I enjoy spending time there when we have free time.

One of the additions was a trailer we saw during Chupacabra Terror which was The Cave.  Let’s have a look

Another movie had things I look for in a shitty movie, ninjas and Casper Van Dien as a cop.  Who could ask for anything more..This is Mask of the Ninja

This one is actually not so much a shitty movie but just odd enough to work.  I saw a trailer for this and I thought it would work well on a shitty movie night as a filler.  This is Otis

The last one is a sure fire WIN and I’m going to have to write up a review for it when we have a re-watch of this classic gem.  You can add this to your list of movies for shitty movie night for sure.  Feel the power of The Machine Girl!!

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  1. Otis is pretty damn awesome, and with two totally different endings to choose from, you cant go wrong.