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So posts have been so far in between as I feared they would be at we are reaching close to a year of YATMA. I knew that work would get in the way of doing this but since this is really a hobby I guess you could say it was expected. I hope that anyone who had been following along has found some useful info. This next year I will be getting married and shipping another video game this year which will be on the Xbox Kinect and living life but that doesn’t mean I will watch any fewer B-movies

just means I will get behind on my blogs :-)

But let’s play some catch up!!

Zombie Strippers


So this has been in the vault for a little while and was not sure when we would watch it.  It almost seemed too good to be true!!  Zombies + Strippers = Golden Showers…..err wait.  It took a little convincing but get the group in on this but there was some fun to be had.  Now fun depends on how much drinks are too be had for the night.  This was not exactly the movie I was hoping for sadly.

It appears that this was one of the “we can cash in on big names here” type of b-movie and sometimes you have to be careful about those because for those of us who really enjoy the art of the b-flick we are not fooled by those who play with our emotions!!  Now with that being said there are some good fun moments here because the effects and dialog are cheap and help sell the set that appears to be lit by two lights.  I guess if you are big into Porno or the world of Jenna Jameson you will really enjoy this but since I’m not a fan of Jenna, she is just another actress to me in this flick.  Robert Englund is in classic cheese and does make the movie fun but he is not one of the main stars and not in the movie all that much.


It is the tale of classic science gone wrong as our government tries to make zombies, all goes wrong and of course the disease spreads to the near by gentleman’s club. (yes the one near the government science facility)  Not sure exactly how zombies work in this movie but these zombies start to turn into zombies but are able to still do their job as strippers first then bring men into their trap which is to eat them…..yeah don’t ask don’t tell type of situation folks.  There were some funny moments with the Mexican janitor and some of the strippers including a use of a ping pong ball….yeah….  Overall it wasn’t the a great bad movie because at times they tried too hard when they should have just let them do what they do best in porns…..ad lib great dialog and sucking.


I think if your movie night is mostly guys.  I’m not saying this because stripping is demeaning to women, it’s because they focus on Jenna Jameson and her boobs which if that is what you are looking for then just go to the internet which has her around every corner.  If you are going to have a good amount of adult beverages then you can use Zombie Strippers and a warm up for a main event movie but I could not consider it a main event flick.

Zombie Strippers gets a 3 out of 5 tuxedo footballs

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