Last weekend we had the fortunate pleasure of watching Black Dynamite at the Dallas Inwood Theatre as apart of the Midnight Movie Series.  The history of this movie for us goes back to the days when I still worked at Gearbox Software.  During a crunch week/month we came across this gem and we would not wait for it.  Sadly it was some time before we hear about this again.  During that period lots of movies came and went but the faith was still there.  The running thing about this was that Denise got an email from either the director or producer of the movie via MySpace about how they heard us talking about the movie on the Hijinks Ensue podcast.

Much like waiting for your Senior Prom since a freshman in high school to know what it is like to be loved, Black Dynamite made its way into theatres.


Black Dynamite is a call back to blaxsplotation with a great sense of humor.  Now I would not consider this a “shitty movie” but they know all the key points of these kinds of movies and cash in all their chips for this flick.  The movie stars Michael Jai White from such classics as Spawn and Soul Food (the tv show not movie).  He is a Vietnam Vet who is an ex-CIA special operator who is trained in the deadly art of Kung Fu with a heart of gold but a militant brother who is trying to keep smack off the streets and out of the hands of the orphans but can satisfy the ladies….Phew!!

wake up the bitches

The story is simple about how “The Man” is trying to bring down the brothers but it is the small little details that make this movie great.  Set design is great in that it look like it was filmed in various friends houses with lighting that can only be called horrid with long shadows and non balanced and a few boom mics here and there.  What I loved was the classic use of rack focus done in the most poor way that gives it that real 70’s feel.  The dialog is just perfect and well executed comic timing really gets the crowd rolling in their seats.  There is a great cast of characters from Vietnam buddies to masters of Kung Fu with a special appearance of a certain person in a “White House”.

This is a must watch for fan of good humor and subtitle details and absurd plot points.  I am a fan of Kung Fu mixed in random moments of plot point with an occasional explosion or two.

Fiendish Dr. Wu

I can’t say for sure but I think either Weta Workshop or ILM may have had a hand in this one but I will have to do further research on that…


If you love good humor and shitty movie night this is a MUST WATCH when it comes out on DVD.  It is currently playing in limited release around the country so go out and support it and movies of this nature.  Black Dynamite gets a 5 out of 5 tuxedo footballs.

double duce

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